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We provide digital healthcare to hospitals & clinics and help them to run their core operations seamlessly.

User Friendly

Built with the customer needs in mind. Everything is being planned with greater precision to make it very easy to use.


High level security levels in Aafia EMR will help system from security breaches & protect data from unauthorized access or damage.

Live Support

Contact our support team through live chat feature directly from the system to report any confusion or issues without any waiting time.

Our Clients

Trusted by top medical centers
Why Aafia EMR?

We enhance the quality of health care delivery

Aafia EMR is a modern solution that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare delivery today.

Run your core operations seamlessly with AAFIA EMR

Aafia EMR is the most complete and multi-functional hospital or medical center management system. With all the comprehensive rich & advanced features, Aafia EMR is the best choice.

Patient Treatment Notes are more easy than before.

Our Treatment Notes feature has made it easy for the doctors to add the patients treatments details for every appointment. Create multiple templates for the treatments and save data accordingly.


We transform hospital and clinical operations and deliver enhanced patient care.

Patient Management

Aafia EMR manages patient flow across all departments from reception, through multiple treatment stages, until the patient is release, and all the medical histories, prescribed medications, results, appointment histories, and insurance information.

Appointments & Scheduling

This mdoule is designed to manage the effective scheduling of appointments of patients for the doctors. A color-coding system helps hospital staff identify available appointments within seconds.

Doctor Portal

Managel appointments on daily basis with color-coding systems for appointment status. View the complete patient history & add treatment details. Generate sick leaves & make radiology & laboratory requests all from single screen.

Easy Billing

Our speedy and error-free billing has made easy the billing of consultancy and services with details of Patient Information. View the previous transaction & add multiple payment types.


Stores the insurance details of the patients. Aafia EMR will help to apply the insurance on the billing of the patient & save the records accordingly. The system will also handle expired insurances.

Vital Signs

Our Vital Signs module will allow nurse to add vitals signs for patients against each appointment. The doctor can view the vitals signs from it's portal, & nurse can manage the doctor request as well.

Laboratory Management

The laboratory management module shows the details of various lab-tests taken by patients. It furnishes reports when needed and maintains all records collectively.

Radiology Management

The radiology management module will allow receptionists to create appointment & the doctor to enter his remarks against each radiology appointment.

Document Management

Gain control over information to enhance patient care. Manage all your files on WorkDrive while maintaining accreditations and keeping the costs down.

A little glimpse of Aafia EMR

Aafia EMR is the most complete and multi-functional hospital or medical center management system

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